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 Reiki Healing heart chakra - Lost in Love, ceases breathing...  (lungs healing)
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After this video was finished, I reflected upon Love and concluded:  
"Indeed Love is amazing, perhaps we no longer should say:  fall in love.., but rather Rise in Love!
We all heard the stories, telling us how the guru, spend length hours under the water, ceasing breath completely, and later on.., there they are rinsing from under the water as if just one minute has passed by. When you too bring those experiences by practicing Lost in Love Meditation (the video above explain), then not only the guru, but you also are going to infuse your heart chakra with intense love to embrace both male and female channels located by the right and left lungs, bringing to the lungs a state of total breathing suspension. Then you too will be holding life fed only by love, not even to breath is needed to keep us alive, love is all we need,
lets we all, Rise in Love!
Reiki sessions with Aromas
During the Reiki session aromas should be used, so to enhance the client's relaxation and release of emotions. All clients told me how unforgettable the two aromas I use are. They always keep a lasting and delightful memory from the Reiki session they have. Aromas are an essential part of a Reiki session.
Air Mist Spry
This aroma spray formula I am using since 2004, a couple thousands of clients have already felt the freshness and relaxation this essence mix brings. I use two aromas in the Reiki session I do, first aroma is a formula I mix together, and this one is used for the beginning and during the Reiki session. The second aroma is a perfume oil, is used only at the end of the session. Please watch the video, in it you are going to learn how to put this formula mix together. Down below you can buy those essences and spray bottles from the website listed, their products are made with an excellent quality. (to purchase essence oil, perfume oil and glass bottles)
For the beginning and during session Air mist spry: Water (or holy water), Wintergreen alcohol and Lavender essential oil
For the conclusion of the session aroma: Arabian Rose perfume oil. (I wet their index finger and ask them to sniff on it)