Reiki Space Clearing
Reiki Space Clearing on Site Walk Through
Home and Business Clearing. For the past 6 years, this type of energy work I do, alters radically residences, business and offices spaces, bringing such peace and harmony never before experienced by their owners, the clients truly feel and appreciate the harmony they enjoy afterwards.

Reiki Space Clearing by an Open Phone Line
Space clearing done by an open phone line only is quite amazing, even my self became shocked, when I realized the new  level of channeling I have reached. That was about 6 years back when I saw what the channeling energies was doing to environments. All the transformations and benefits given by a On Site Space Clearing are totally matched by an Open Phone Line Space Clearing.

Reiki Space Clearing cost is determined by four factors, they are: 
1 - Size of the building; 
2 - Time taken;
3 - Travel distance;
4 - Phone call cost. (when done by phone, US or Overseas)

Reiki Space Clearing cost, call to discuss details Contact