About me

Ricardo Lobo Da Cunha


“The humankind is in great need for love. Love is your best friend, do every day little acts of love and trust in the Creator

embrace this truth then happiness shall come.”


Born in  Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil,  Graduated as  Mathematician,  worked  as   Electronic Technician in a Hydraulic Power Plant and as Computer Programmer. As I matured over the years I had the urge to seek within, to evolve in spirituality, it was through meditation that led me the way. As  I  evolved   from  a meditation  practitioner  to a  holistic  healer  practitioner, I began 27 years ago.  Today  with more  than  6000  Reiki sessions experience I continue to expand  my  channeling  abilities, doing so I can bring to clients a very fast pathway to healing and transformation.

I am a very inspiring Reiki  Master Teacher, bringing lots of insights, based on countless hours of transcendental realm  experiences.  

My 14 years of leading numerous Reiki Classes  have inspired more then 300 new Reiki practitioners of all walks of life: from nurses, masseuses, engineers, hospice volunteers, house wife, carpenters, college students, bankers, teachers, yoga teachers, etc...

My passion is to able people on the path with greater sense of love,  peace and  well being. I enjoy  my early professional years and now continued to do so by helping people to heal and transform to a happier life. I have been blessed with no sufferings in this life, looking back I see protection all my life, always believed in Love and in People, and always will. That all people can experience the Timeless and Infinity Bliss of the Light and Love we are.


  • Meditation practitioner 27 years, since 1990
  • Kundalini spontaneously awakened for the past 24 years, since 1993
  • Reiki practitioner 21 years, since 1996
  • Reiki Master Teacher 14 Years, since 2003, with over 300 new practitioners taught.
  • Full time Reiki practitioner 13 years, since 2004, with over 6000 sessions experience.
  • Bach Flower Essences practitioner 12 years, since 2005
  • EFT practitioner  (Emotional Freedom Technique) 9 years, since 2008
  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish and Portuguese.