Reiki in the Corporate World

The mind is the Supreme
Today is well known that major corporate companies have been adopting the implementation of Mindful Meditation to their employees. After a paradigm shift has been taking place, which is: "We must tap, consciously into the Emotional Intelligence residing within our being". For this conscious connection to take place, one must take control of the mind. Let me expand the idea how Reiki can provide an unmatched tool to accelerate the ability of anyone (untrained mind) to acquire full control of one’s mind, therefore sipping from the infinity well of intuition and wisdom residing within, bringing peace, confidence, well-being and consequently an spontaneous creativity and innovation, which is paramount for any business to prosper.
Reiki in the Corporate World Fair environment
Reiki setup is very compact (sessions can be done sitting on chair and fully clothed)
Reiki in the Corporate World Table setup
Reiki table setup is simple with no special elaborated devices.
For your business success today, Reiki allows access to an infinite source of resources tomorrow. 
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Wishing you Success!
Ricardo DaCunha