Reiki Classes NYC installment plan for 3 low payments paid monthly

Payment with Installment Plan of 3 low payments of $167 each.

Paypal is a safe way to pay, using major Credit Card or your Paypal account:

 NYC Installments 3 x $167
Reiki level 1 and 2 (combined class)  

90 days money back guaranteed. If for any reason you change your mind no questions asked, 100% Refund Guaranteed. One full year to take your class.


Your Reiki class includes:

1 - Fifteen hours class To see Reiki I & II Training Synopsis

2 - Reiki Manual (small fee)

3 - Attunement (spiritual baptism)

4 - Certification Level I & II - To see Photos of Reiki students in the class

5 - Website Private Area Members Access Only - (It's packed with Tips and new Tools I create to support your Reiki practice)

6 - Reiki Class Entire Course in PowerPoint Presentation yours FREE - The entire Reiki Class PPP is yours. In the classroom you the student DO NOT need to take so many notes and be worried that you are going to miss writing down something important. With the access to the Class PPP to review any class subject, later on, you can truly focus on the moment in class, and learn a lot more. The Class PowerPoint Presentation will help you to increase the retention of the new knowledge acquired. You are going to love it!!!

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