Reiki Boot Camp, awakening the Leader in You!
REIKI BOOT CAMP, was created with the intention to Empower the new Reiki Practitioner to acquire more Knowledge, Confidence, Community bond, Creativity and Leadership. Although the event weaves through inspirational sharing, laughing, playing and relaxing environment set by like minded people. Awakening in this process, the new Spiritual Light Warriors we are, which is much needed within the new Aquarium Age we are in.
REIKI BOOT CAMP, come to embark on a very relax, fun and friendly journey, where LAUGH IS MANDATORY.

REIKI BOOT CAMP a place to build SPIRITUAL LIGHT WARRIORS or the Leader in you for the NEW AQUARIUM AGE.

REIKI BOOT CAMP come to community bond, share stories, watch inspiring movies, LEARN Power Point Presentation then Present it, then turn it into VIDEO then turn it into a Product.

REIKI BOOT CAMP come to LEARN to use MP3 songs free download, use SKYPE GROUP VIDEO, Conference Calling recorded into MP3 file then turn into a Product.

REIKI BOOT CAMP a place to PRACTICE REIKI EXCHANGES, a place where you are going to GROW SPIRITUALLY AND MATERIALLY. You become who you truly are: A LEADER INSIDE.
 REIKI BOOT CAMP PROGRAM,  saturday 10am until 5pm, see below for the next schedule date.
  • Description:
    10am - 20 mts welcome, small talk, testimonials / coffee / tea

    10:25am - 1hr 15 mints, Reiki Practice Exchange.

    11:45am - 15mints, coffee break

    12:00pm - 1 hr, Tech Time,
    screen capture / power point presentation setup

    1:00pm - 45mints Lunch

    1:50pm - 1hr, PPP ( editing two subjects in PPP)

    2:50pm - 1hr, PPP lecture (Presenting it)

    3:50pm - 15mnts coffee break

    4:10pm - movie to watch:        Infinity: The ultimate trip.. Journey Beyond Death
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Cost: $ 33
Call for schedule: 973-449-3349
Location: 425N 2nd St. 3rd Floor,
Harrison NJ 07029
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