Kundalini Subtle System

What is Kundalini

Kundalini is the supreme cosmic enlightening energy, that resides inside us, deep at the core of our being. Kundalini is the most powerful force in the Universe, and brings enlightenment to our world. Your Kundalini awakens the manifesting being in your life! Anything you wish to manifest is possible with an awakened Kundalini.

In ancient text the Kundalini is often described as a female serpent coiled 3 and 1/2 times at the base of your spine. She is sleeping away, waiting for you to awaken her energy and rise up your spine. It's a bit bizarre that such a divine all powerful energy would be taking a nap at the base of your spine, yet she truly contains the most awesome power you can imagine in the Universe. Your Kundalini will reside at the bottom until we are completely awakened, living 24 hours a day knowing we are The Divine All-powerful God-Being we truly are.

When we awaken her infinite Shakti power for the first time, we receive a spiritually enlightening experience (Satori) that can last for days, weeks or months. We then realize who we are is something much bigger than anything we presumed before. We see we are this unlimited consciousness, eternal energy, outrageous creativity and divinely inspired intelligence at all times. The Kundalini allows us to realize this, not as another ego trip, yet through annihilating the ego we can see the bigger Truth exactly as it is. This constant realization and surrender to the God-Being that is here now is called Samadhi.

If we simply realize we are responsible for the divine creation of our life exactly the way it is this awakening will begin to occur. If we stay stuck in our mind, and are unconsciously choosing everyday to live a life that we do not want or love, the Kundalini snoozes away, patiently waiting for us to wake up. To become totally conscious and realize that we are NOT just this ego-mind who is identifying with thoughts while feeling trapped in a body, is what the beginning of a spiritual awakening is about. In fact, if for minutes or hours you can stop being so busy up in the head with ideas ( past and future) and remain ONLY in the now, you can feel the Kundalini awaken inside you. As she rises up our spine she lets us know WE are this divine all-powerful intelligence and awareness itself. Siddhi powers are a side-benefit that come from an awakened Kundalini. A few examples of Siddhi powers are having supernatural strength, sight, hearing, the ability of levitation, bi-location, instant manifestations, etc... Basically anything you can imagine beyond the everyday world is instantly possible when your Kundalini is fully awakened and your relationship with it has matured. Like the Kundalini, these Siddhi powers are actually natural abilities that each of us contain, yet through years of societal conditioning they have been suppressed and we have been programmed to believe they are malicious or wrong. They only become dangerous when one gets wrapped in their ego and believes they are separate from the divine God-Source. Siddhi power is as natural as the light, heat and energy from our sun above.

Kundalini: The Greatest Healer

Kundalini is the source of all healing. All mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing comes from her rising up the spine. An awakening Kundalini can cause life-threatening diseases to miraculously disappear over night! People who have spontaneously been healed from terminal diseases have been labeled as "the placebo effect" of certain sugar pills, are ALL from the radical healing powers of their Kundalini rising. Your Kundalini is the core life force in your body responsible for your whole healed state of being.

The most amazing benefit discovered from awakening the Kundalini is the profound experiences of healing on the body and the mind. She opens an energetic channel through each Chakra from your infinite source, which constantly fills your body with waves of bliss. No disease, negative feelings, poor attitude, or even undesirable situations will ever happen for you. Nothing that is even remotely painful that was hidden or stuck in your body has a chance of survival with her present. She brings to you the ultimate experience of Life, letting you experience yourself as the greatest height and depth of God's being surrounded by an infinite eternal river of bliss.

How To Raise Your Kundalini

If you continue to stay in the present moment, you will slowly dissolve the deepest of illusions our mind has been constantly re-creating about a true/false reality (take a look at the video down below), and start seeing The Reality of an ever-present energy of divine bliss in everyone and everything. If we buy into the illusions of the mind at any moment, the cosmic Kundalini falls back asleep. She will do this until we are completely present again to the Reality of Existence found only within the Here and Now.

Staying consciously awake in this eternal moment, the phenomena of psychic abilities, paranormal powers and magical manifesting capabilities will naturally begin to appear. She will give you the ability to attracting anything in the Universe you desire. Because you are merging with the Kundalini's infinite power, the body will no longer have ANY experience of having mental, emotional or physical pain. The experience of being bathed in an ever-present Source of divine peace and awesome power will be your new way of living.

If you are open and willing to step into your destiny as a divine being of God, read on. Awakening this incredible power is a very delicate and gentle process. We are connecting with the greatest energy in the Universe. It is so powerful we need to be very tender with it, to allow it in.

When each of the seven major Chakra centers in your body are ignited, you will step completely out of the time-bound world of the ordinary and into the most extraordinary super-natural realm of your being. The God and Goddess within you will become very apparent to all, and you will absolutely know without a doubt, the truly magical and all-powerful cosmic God-being you truly are. This is the ultimate goal of the human experience.

In this breathtaking video...Click HERE   hear the life transforming experience of Love and Compassion... when the illusion of the mind is dissolved when the Neuroanatomist  Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.

Reiki Practitioner develops the ability to be in tune with the right hemisphere of the brain, and therefore to surrender to the All Permeating Wisdom and Healing Love.

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