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Reiki Training Classes: 
Level I & II combined, 16hrs class,
Hands on, Attunement, Certification.
Next class February 14 and 15, 2015

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Ricardo Reiki Master Teacher

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 Where do you stand?
If you are a beginner or veteran in the healing art, either you felt there is an inner call to become a practitioner or you need it for self-healing, or to be part of complementary therapy you will offer to help others, although still hesitating by saying:

"Can I do it?”

"Am I ready now?”

"How hard it will be for me?”

"Is it danger to work with others?"


Can you see the possibility?
In my classes I will make it so simple, at any given Power Point slides I can give you many Energy Channeling related experiences, in doing so will bring you small increments of confidence, while uprooting all fears and uncertainties. By the second day you will bring your channeling beliefs so high, and right after the hands on complete Reiki treatment practice you will find yourself saying: “It is so natural state of being, to be a channeler. I feel really good about myself”.
Empower your Thinking with!
"The smallest action is better than the greatest intention"
"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great"


Setting the stage!

The first thing we do in class is what I ask to be mandatory:

“You must have fun”, “You must laugh”, “and you must feel at easy to ask all types of questions”

Then our journey begins where there is more fun, it is easier, less stress, simpler and you feel special for all you are going to contribute to these beautiful life transformational experience. Within this environment the interaction between student-student and student-teacher it is so fresh, loose and jovial at the spirit. While learning the profound spiritual concepts (beyond textbooks, which I have learned while in my journey) you are going to have many ahahas and wow!!!  I will offer you so much clarity as to know only what to work on. Therefore you will feel connected with the healing energy, protected by the healing energy and blessed by it. Love is in the air.


Reiki Master teacher

I am a very inspiring Reiki Master Teacher, when giving the Reiki classes I bring lots of insight, based on countless hours of transcendental realm experiences. The student immediately starts to see a new World/Reality I bring to the new expanded mind. My 9 years of leading numerous Reiki Training Classes have inspired more than 200 new Reiki practitioners of all walks of life; from nurses, masseuses, engineers, hospice volunteers, house wife, carpenters, college students, bankers, teachers, yoga teachers, etc...

My greatest passion in life has been to show people they are deserving of love and forgiveness, thus creating in them a level of self-love and liberation of resentment, self-pity, sorrow and limiting believes never experienced before. Then an overwhelming sense of love and well-being is manifests in their lives. This beautifully paved path can be your new way to live experiencing a much greater peace and harmony with the self and others.


Lost in Love Meditation Video
Reiki Healing heart chakra -
Lost in Love, ceases breathing... (lungs healing) 
After this video was finished, I reflected upon Love and concluded:
"Indeed Love is amazing, perhaps we no longer should say:
fall in love.., but rather Rise in Love!
We have all heard stories of gurus who have spent long periods of time under water, ceasing to breathe completely, and later surfacing as if only a minute had passed. When you are able to experience meditation as shown in the video Lost in Love, you too will infuse your heart chakra with intense love. This will enable you to embrace both male and female channels located by the right and left lungs, bringing to the lungs a state of total breathing suspension. Only in that unique moment will you be fed by pure love as you will not require air to keep you alive, but love instead. In these love infused state to spend hours under water, is effortless done.
Love is truly all we need... so lets RISE in LOVE!
Reiki Practice Locations:

: midtown New York City, with convenient access by bus and train (# 1, 2, 3, E)
REIKI NJ: northern New Jersey, at the town of Harrison, with convenient access by train (PATH train) it is only 30 minutes away from midtown New York City.

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Reiki class Weekly installment  3 x $130 

Reiki class NJ installment 3 x $105

Reiki class NJ Full $297  + class schedule + name certificate

Reiki class NY Full $347  + class schedule + name certificate

Reiki class NJ Full 297  VSL class

Reiki Class NY Full $347 VSL class

Reiki class NJ Full $297  Email class

Reiki class NY Full $347  Email class

What is included with your Reiki Class  I & II


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A kind client of mine says: "Meeting Ricardo was a true blessing from above. When I first met him, I was at the lowest point I've ever been in thus far in my life. My inner and outer self needed re-centering. After just one session with Ricardo, I felt this amazing release. by AdiaV NJ.  Today with over 4,000 sessions experience, I can bring you a proven and very fast physical, emotional and spiritual healing path.
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"Heloisa Alves"
Indeed, she is a beautiful lady, what is also true she is beautiful inside too. When she told me how peaceful she felt close to me, that is a very open level of perception indeed. The positive vibrations of Reiki energy are been channeled all the time, it grew to much stronger  levels after many years of intense practice.

Corporate Services in business hours, we can bring energy healing to an entire new level, the 

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