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I bring teachings beyond textbook and many insights, they are all based in many years working on this transcendental realm of existence, the spiritual realm, where Love is Supreme. My students after class are left with a new understanding of the world we live in, a new and fresh reality, they feel empowered. Take a look at the REIKI CLASS OUTLINE VIDEO I created, and you will grasp the kind of teachings and insights I am talking about. This video was made with the intent to help you to decide if the Reiki Class I give is what you are looking for. Enjoy the video! Ricardo
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Reiki Class Schedule:
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The schedule below are for classes on weekends Saturday and Sunday. If you can't attend classes on weekends you can make your own schedule for business days class by clicking --> Make your own schedule (Mon thru Sat, morning, afternoon or evening) 

Your Reiki class includes:

1 - Fifteen hours class       To see Reiki  I & II  Training Synopsis

2 - Reiki Manual (small fee)

3 - Attunement (spiritual baptism)

4 - Certification Level  I & II  -   To see Photos of Reiki students in class

5 - Website Private Area Members Access Only - (It's packed with Tips and new Tools I create to support your Reiki practice)

6 - Reiki Circle/Share - Twice a month I host a Reiki Circle, for Reiki Practitioners to practice and bring people to receive free Reiki demo session. 

7 - Reiki Class Entire Course in Power Point Presentation yours FREE - The entire Reiki Class PPP is yours. In the class room you the student DO NOT need to take so many notes, and be worried that you are going to miss writing down something important. With the access to the Class PPP to review any class subject later on, you can truly focus on the moment in class, and learn a lot more. The Class Power Point Presentation will help you to  increase the retention of the new knowledge acquired. You are going to love it!!!


Reiki Class Testimonials: 


To Register follow the five steps below: 

STEP 1:  CALL ME - I can remove your doubts and answer any and all questions. I hope to meet you personally and to find out all your needs, thus bringing you a custom tailored pathway to healing and transformation through the practice of the holistic energy healing of Reiki. Click here --> Contact

STEP 2:  PAYMENT - Reserve your seat, by 1- Making Deposit Amount or full payment, 2- Choose Class Date,  3- Write your Full Name as you want it to appear on the certificate, 4- click the Buy Now Button to pay using Paypal. You can also choose an Installment plan of 3 low payments.

STEP 3:  PERSONAL INFO FORM - Please fill the form out, click here --> New Reiki Student Form 

STEP 4:  CONFIRMATION - After I receive your Class Payment and fill out the Personal Information Form, I will be contacting you back by phone, to confirm your registration and seat reserved for class, along with a couple emails I will be sending you with instructions to prepare for this journey. 

STEP 5:  ENROLLED STUDENTS WEB PAGE - I created a web page listing all the Current Enrolled Reiki Students for the next upcoming classes. This web page you can read all about who are the next students, their interest in life, how they first found out about Reiki, where they are planing to practice Reiki, and more.. click here --> Current Enrolled Reiki Students



1 - Reiki Level   I & II  - 15 hrs class + certification

2 - Enroll now and get 20%off for total of $297  (Reiki I & II, 15 hrs class + Certificate, manual purchase separate)


3 - Payment with Installment Plan of 3 low payments of $105 each. (Reiki I&II + 15 hrs + Certification  Cost $315)


4 - Payment with Installment Plan of 2 low payments of $157.50 each. (Reiki I&II + 15 hrs + Certification Cost $315)

All deposits are refundable minus $5 USD processing fee. Class fees are fully transferable to other class schedule registration, to help cases of class late cancellation or class size limit.

Payment with 20%off includes certification

Paypal is a safe way to pay, using major Credit Card or your Paypal account:

Regular price  $372  Now 20% off  $297

90 days money back guaranteed. If for any reason you change your mind no questions asked, 100% Refund Guaranteed. One full year to take your class.


Payment with Installment Plan of 3 low payments of $105 each.

OR 2 low payments of $157.50 each.

Paypal is a safe way to pay, using major Credit Card or your Paypal account: 

Two Options:
Option 1:   Installments
 3 x $105  
Option 2:  Installments 2 x $157.50

90 days money back guaranteed. If for any reason you change your mind no questions asked, 100% Refund Guaranteed. One full year to take your class.


Location 1:  Harrison, NJ  (30 min from New York City)

Location 2:  New York City, NY  Midtown Manhattan


Who is eligible to learn the Reiki Healing Therapy?     

Everyone can learn this Reiki healing modality, there are tree levels to be learned, Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Advanced and Reiki Master. Each of these levels can be  taught over  the  weekend.  Currently  in  many  book stores  we can find a diverse number of books about the subject of Reiki. 

What is Reiki Level  I ?

For the beginner student, by the conclusion of this level, you are able to channel the Reiki energy for self healing only. Gives you means to evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally, bringing a greater balance to ones life, and deeper meaning for the guests "who am I"

The course content for Reiki Level I

1- What is Reiki, and Reiki Principles

2- History of Reiki origin.

3- Principals of energy channeling.

3- Hands on experiment with energy K I (Vital Energy)

4- Focus the mind, affirmations, visualization and non-judgement to create the new reality

5- Seven Chakras general knowledge.

6- Self healing, hand positioning

7- Hands on reiki session

What is Reiki Level II

Reiki level I completion is a prerequisite for Reiki Level II, on completion of level II the new student will be capable to give a complete reiki session on other people, as well as the self. Now applying reiki in any level of interaction: family members, parents, husband or wife, children, friends or clients.


The Course content for Reiki Level II

1- Symbols (Power, Mental and Emotional and Distance)

2- Beaming, channeling without touch.

3- Scanning, simulated reiki session.

4- Code of Ethics for a Reiki professional, avoiding legal problems on your practice.

5- Attunement, activating the subtle channels centers for the novice Reiki practitioner.


See the pictures of previews Reiki classes below:

Click here to see photos 2011, 2012, 2013 2014, Harrison NJ

No photos, May 15, 2010, Harrison NJ

No photos, April 12, 2009, Morristown NJ

No photos, Feb 15, 2009, Newark NJ

No photos November 22, 2008 Paramus NJ

No photos August 18, 2008 Clifton NJ

Click here to see photos June 7, 2008 West Orange NJ

No photos May 14, 2008 North Bergen NJ

No photos April 23, 2008 Hoboken NJ

No photos April 9, 2008 Jersey City NJ

No Photos March 17, 2008 Bloomfield NJ

Click here to see photos Fevereiro 24, 2008 Kearny NJ

Click here to see photos Novembro 4, 2007 Montclair NJ

No photos August 15, 2007 Hackensack NJ

No photos July 17, 2007 Belleville NJ

No photos May 3, 2007 North Arlington NJ

No photos April 29, 2007 Boston MA

No photos March 25, 2007 Boston MA

Click here to see photo, January 6, 2006 Boston MA

No photos September 26, 2004 Long Branch NJ

No photos August 29, 2004 Summit NJ

No photos May 2, 2004 Fort Lauderdale FL

No photos January 17, 2004 Fort Lauderdale FL

No photos December 3, 2003 Boston MA

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