Reiki Classes I & II

1. History and Chakras 

History: Began in Japan, then move to Hawaii and USA along with the rest of the world.

Chakras: you learn to identify them in the body, to recognize somebody's weakest chakra, which one relates to past, future, and present, also self-center or selfless center, material or spiritual, how the seven deadly sins relate to them, etc...

2. Principles of Channeling Energy and Reiki Symbols

Channeling: understanding the body and channels of energy and how to ignite them, where to focus the mind to maximize Energy Channeling, hands-on with energy and breathing,

Symbols: to be used as a mean to Focus the Mind, and therefore to attract or synchronize with higher vibrations. Power symbol (Cho ku rei), Mental and Emotional - Harmony and Purification symbol (Sei he ki), Connection, timelessness, distant healing symbol (Hon Cha Ze Cho Nen) 
 Crystals Use: How to make use of crystals, cleansing, specific application to enhance the Reiki energy channeling. Best crystals for Reiki Treatment, how to choose crystals.

3. Reiki Session Simulated and Code of Ethics (hands-on)

Code of Ethics: we explore the Dos... and Don'ts...

Session: We are going to pair up... and work a full mini Reiki Session. 1-Opening, 2-Self shield, 3-Scanning, 4-Focus, 5-Routine and 6-Closing

4. Q&A and Reiki  I&II  Attunement or Initiation (Highly Healing Energies)

Q&A: Explore..., imagine..., See the endless possibilities...

Attunement:  We are taken by a high level of positive vibration... the air become infused by positive energy... our faces and souls turn into a brilliant glow... now you are a REIKI Practitioner... Love is in the air

Reiki Master Teacher Click here --> Ricardo DaCunha


Reki Course I&II manual by William Lee Rand

Click here--> Reiki The Healing Touch - Spiral ----- CP451TM $19.95 )

Revised and expanded edition features sections on:

  • Reiki Past and Present
  • How Does Reiki Heal
  • How to Use Reiki
  • Detailed information on how to use the Reiki Symbols
  • Includes all the Western hand positions
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • How to combine Western and Japanese Reiki
  • Becoming a Reiki Master
  • Developing Your Reiki Practice
  • Reiki in Hospitals
  • Discovering the Roots of Reiki
  • Reiki Training and Licensing
  • The Usui Memorial and Mt. Kurama
  • Extensive footnotes and index
  • 176 pages, 40 drawings, 18 photos



Reiki is deeply attuned to The All Permeating Oneness of the Universe and the Practitioner draw from it abundant Life Force, by means of Pure Intent and Compassionate Heart.

Reiki consists of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means universal and Ki, also referred to as Chi, means vital energy. So, Reiki means vital energy from the universe. In general, Reiki is a technique on how to channel universal vital energy to oneself and others.

Reiki is not something magical. The basic principle of how Reiki energy heals is very similar to how healing works in acupuncture. We know that every living being has energy within and around the body to be alive. This energy is called Chi (vital energy) and it is vital for the physical body to exist. The physical body usually has problems because the energy does not flow properly. By stimulating the energy to flow properly as it is supposed to, the natural ability of the body to heal itself will be able to function again, and the physical body will recover. Reiki healing is able not only to stimulate the energy to flow properly but also to cleanse the energy within and around the body to speed up the healing process. 


Reiki needs no pre-conditioning to be received

  • All ages: Toddler, children, teenager, adult, elderly and pregnant   
  • No invasive, not body manipulation
  • No need to have a specific belief
  • All types of patients, even with severe body immobilization
  • Patients are kept fully clothed
  • Can be applied seating down, laying on massage table or bed
  • Can be done at no specific location: car, bus, park, hospital, etc...

Reiki can bring about many Benefits:

  • Stress and Depression Reduction, resulting relaxed mind and emotions
  • Helps to release deep levels of Bi-polar symptoms
  • Helps to promote healing or alleviate pain relate to cancer  
  • Helps eliminate Insomnia
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increase Intuitive Awareness
  • Acceleration of Spiritual Growth
  • Chakras Balancing, Kundalini channel unblocking
  • Alleviates Pre-Surgery Anxiety
  • Pos-Surgery Pain Relief
  • Harmonize Mind, Body, and Emotions
  • Enhancement of medical treatment and pain relief
  • Assistance in healing of all ailments
  • Helps to Fully Release the Past Traumatic Emotions
  • Helps to abandon the behavior of ADHD, ADD and OCD  
  • Helps to have more balance Concern for Future, no worries...
  • Brings one Awareness for a Peaceful Present
  • Alleviates suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

 Reiki related videos
In this breathtaking video... See the future of Reiki, and hear the life-transforming experience of Love and Compassion.

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another. Reiki Practitioner develops the ability to be in tune with the right hemisphere of the brain, and therefore to surrender to the  All  Permeating  Wisdom and Healing Love. Click here to see the VIDEO

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