Touching People's Life
Reiki4US has been in business since 2004, bringing life transformation through Reiki healing sessions to people in all phases of life: toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly, and pregnant ladies. Over the year we have been so fortunate to hear so many clients beautiful testimonials, too many to count by now, and they keep growing. All those which are possible through the blessings of Wisdom and Love from our Creator, so be it! Thank you Father.
The Mission
Ricardo’s passion is to show people that they deserve love and forgiveness, creating in them a level of self-love and liberation of resentment, self-pity and sorrow. An overwhelming sense of love and well-being manifests in their lives. This beautifully paved path can be your new way to live life, experiencing much greater peace and harmony with yourself and others around you. 
The Profound Experience
Ricardo Da Cunha is our founder and Reiki Master Teacher. He has been leading Reiki Training classes for the past 9 years. His passionate teachings are inspiring more than 200 new Reiki practitioners of all walks of life, i.e. nurses, masseuses, yoga teachers, engineers, carpenters, bankers, teachers, etc. Ricardo has over 5000 sessions experience, bringing people all over the world a proven and very fast physical, emotional and spiritual healing path. After so many years of experience, people can feel peace and harmony exhaling from Ricardo, as the positive vibrations of Reiki energy are being channeled all the time, and they continuing grow stronger with daily practices.  
The Expertise
At Reiki4US, we provide Training classes (Live Training classes and Globally Online Training) for aspiring Reiki practitioners in beginner, advanced and Master levels. We also provide Reiki Energy Healing sessions (Live healing sessions and Telephone healing sessions), awakening in our clients a very fast physical, emotional and spiritual healing path. All classes and healing sessions can be provided in any of the three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. 
The Expertise Reaching Far and Beyond
Providing Globally Reiki Online Training classes and Distance Healing through Reiki Healing Telephone sessions to heal our clients emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well as liberating them from destructive thoughts. The end result is so intense that client states they clearly feel the energy flowing; and the transformation their body, mind and emotions take. This service is provide within the US states i.e. California, Florida, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Texas, etc.. and Overseas i.e. Italy, Brazil, England, Venezuela, Peru, Angola, Dubai, etc.. 
Our Reiki Space Clearing sessions (Live Clearing Spaces or through the Telephone Clearing Spaces) for home or business radically alter residences, businesses and office spaces, bringing such peace and harmony never before experienced by their owners. Clients truly feel and appreciate the harmony they enjoy afterwards. 
The practice locations are:
REIKI NJ: North Jersey, the town of Harrison, only 25 minutes away from midtown New York City – with convenient access by train (PATH train).

REIKI NYC: midtown New York City, with convenient access by train (# 1, 2, 3, E)


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